Introduction to Web Engineering

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Introduction to Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).

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Introduction to Web Engineering

Web Engineering is the Software Engineering of web applications. The reason that people needed a separate engineering discipline for web applications is the increase in use of web applications and their different nature in some aspects than other types of softwares. Thus Web Engineering is a discipline that deals with the SDLC(Requirement Analysis, Designing, Development, Testing and Maintenance) of web applications, architecture of web applications, request-response process from client to server and from server to client, client-side caching, architecture and functionalities of web browsers, architecture and functionalities of web servers, protocols for communications and networking.

Web engineering is defined in many ways but one definition is as follows:

“The application of systematic and quantifiable approaches to costeffective analysis, design, implementation, testing, operation, and maintenance of high-quality Web applications.” – Kappel et al.


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